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There are so many times that patients praise and thank US as physicians, and WE feel so gratified. But, when WE are in the position that WE need the help or WE are in a crisis, we feel a little uncomfortable! I am a very humbled and grateful physician. A year and a half ago, my husband of 22 years left me. The divorce became final 10 months ago. This left me in the position of being a single mother of five children aged 5 to 15, and left me with a large amount of legal debt in the process. It also meant that we had to move out of our 3000 sq ft home into a 1350 sq ft rental home, leaving behind the only home and neighborhood my children had ever known.

We were all struggling emotionally and financially, as you might imagine. I had arranged counseling relationships for my children to help them through the many emotions they experienced with their many losses. Most were informal counseling relationships, but one needed formal professional help. As a per diem physician, I had increased my work shifts. I had lost not only my benefits, which were through my husband, but also a large portion of our family income. For a time we did not receive child support, and we relied on church, friends, and family for support. We had already made many budget cuts which included grocery shopping at the 99 cent store, buying our clothes from Goodwill, cutting out piano lessons even for my gifted high-schooler (who had been told she might be able to go on to Juliard school of music), dropping my professional memberships, etc. But despite all of this, barring a miracle, we were still facing the possibility of even more budget cuts, including moving into an even smaller place. Not a fun prospect with an active little boy in the house!

But God provided a miracle through LAPAA! It was right at this point that you came into our lives and intervened! A Board Director connected me to the Executive Secretary, and I was later privileged to also meet other Directors. Through your generous aid, we were now able to keep our home, and avoid downsizing to an apartment (and are even now blessed with approx 200 sq ft more!). I can continue to send my children out to a backyard to play! My kids can continue the same school program, which involves me on many weekdays, so they have not had to lose their mom in addition to their dad. We are now on our way to resuming financial stability.

You all, by God’s grace, have helped provide a huge measure of stability to a very difficult situation. I can’t adequately express to you my gratitude, not only as a physician, but also as a mother who wants to protect my kids from the financial trauma that could have resulted without your help. Thank you, not only from the bottom of my heart, but also from the grateful hearts of my five children as well! Thank you sooooo much!!

– Dr. KS