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Hello, I'm G M, a recipient of your benevolent assistance. I'll be 81 in 2 weeks. With me is my wife P.

We all took an oath that included Primum Non Nocere, 'first do no harm'. Harm can be done in 2 ways. One, of course, by direct intentional action. The other, by turning away, ignoring another person's need or cry for help.

PAA responds to the second issue by making it's resources available and by not ignoring one of its' peers needs. By not turning away. Dr. Chandran and his Committee has been like a true caring friend and Pearle and I are forever grateful. As he said to me when we first met and he reviewed my situation 'we never know what's around the corner.'

Therein, simply stated, is the beauty of Physician's Aid Assn. and its' members. There were times when I had dark thoughts following a "why me" episode of mental anguish. You have given me enough financial assistance to take the day to day pressure off and permit me to feel human.

My wife has macular degeneration and is visually impaired. She also has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, in remission. She is a real survivor and depends on me for many things, like driving, shopping, reading, etc. Allowing me to do this for her is what your assistance has meant to me.

The security you provided by giving us, literally, a roof over our heads, by paying the rent on our small, 500 sq. foot senior affordable housing apartment has enabled us to continue living together.

The importance of your continued effort on a personal level is obvious. On a more general level, PAA as an organization is doing what we, as individual doctors, took an oath to do .... save lives, relieve suffering ... and 'first do no harm.'

Thank you, my sincere thanks.

– Dr. GM