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Dr. Elizabeth Mason Hohl, MD - President 1940-1976
Dr. Elizabeth Mason Hohl, MD
President 1940-1976

In 1937, during the Great Depression, Physicians Aid Association was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Hohl to help physicians in need.

Since that time, hundreds of physicians and/or their families in Los Angeles County have been aided with housing and financial assistance through PAA’s benevolent giving program.

Now, once again our economy has brought about many challenges for some of our colleagues and they are facing difficult times. With the dramatic downturn in the economy, major changes in our profession along with, for some, major health problems and or loss of property in the recent catastrophic fires, PAA is still here and helping our colleagues through difficult times.

Officers & Board


William Hohl, M.D

Patrick A. Mauer, M.D.
Benevolence Committee Chair

Mona Iskander, M.D.
Benevolence Committee

Othella T. Owens, M.D.
Finance Committee Chair

George B Stoneman, M.D.
Rama E Chandran, M.D.
Patricia E Isely, M.D.
Thomas A. Birthistle, M.D.
Robert H Palmer, M.D.


Phillip Bland, M.D.
Finance Committee

W. Benton Boone, M.D., MS
Benevolence Committee

David A. Connett, DO, FACOFP
Benevolence Committee

Roberta L. Doucet, M.D.
Finance Committee

Katherine Galos, M.D.
Benevolence Committee

Sidney Gold, M.D.
PAA Parliamentarian

Mason Hohl, M.D.
PAA Historian

John A. Kowalczyk, D.O.
Benevolence Committee

Manish Mehta, M.D.
Benevolence Committee

Jo Ann C. Pullen, M.D.
Benevolence Committee